The Beer Musketeers

For a long while now, there has been a massive gap in the market for a proper bottle shop in Portsmouth. Yep, we have some pretty decent pubs and some rather great breweries, but why have we never had something like Southampton’s Aladdin’s cave of grog Bitter Virtue? OK, you may say that some of our pubs and bars offer a take out service, and whilst that is a nice touch, it never compares to taking the time to have a good browse, whilst chewing the fat with the owner. For this gap to be filled it took the closure of the much loved and well respected The Leopold, and from it’s ashes has risen The Beer Musketeers.

Situated on Albert Road, The Beer Musketeers is now Southsea’s premier purveyor of niche beers (and ciders). The owner, Stuart Ainsworth, has clearly transferred his beer knowledge and ethos directly from The Leopold in order to create a shop that is stocked with a wide variety of craft beers at competitive prices. Whether you are after the grapefruit and lychee tones of double IPAs to the chocolate and coffee tones of imperial stouts, The Beer Musketeers will have you well catered for. Beavertown, Darkstar, Staggeringly Good, Harbour, Mikkeler, Four Pure, Vibrant Forest; you name it, The Beer Musketeer stocks it. In addition to this a micro-pub will soon open at the rear of the premises, for those occasions when you can’t wait to get home in order to sample the wares.

A bottle shop in this city has been a long time coming, and whilst my wallet is fearful, I fully salute the opening of this establishment.

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