Allegory Presents: The Fabric Machine

Allegory Presents the Fabric Machine, was put on at the Loft to celebrate the launch of Allegory’s third new single. Along with Allegory themselves and three other brilliant local live bands, the Stayawakes, Luna Blue and Apex Sun, the night was looking very promising indeed.

The video for Kimono Club was set up for viewing by anyone who came, an exclusive, as it was almost a week before the official launch date of the 14th October. For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, its embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

You see, watching the video really sets the tone for Allegory as a band. Their creative license seems limitless and the result is something that is a cumulative scrapbook of so many really cool inspirations which have become melded. Allegory are so different. They are utterly their own thing and I dig that.

Ellie Day’s vocals seem to dance between the yelping, warbles of Kate Bush with undertones of Debbie Harry. Some of it is really quite beautiful, the almost silky “Oooh come on now”s of Kimono Club are sublime on the ear. What with the peppy guitar giving the whole song a tongue in cheek approach, there’s something a bit sassy about them and they know it.

On arrival we claimed our official Kimono Party flag, presented by Ellie who was waiting at the door. The time and dedication that these guys have put in was slowly becoming apparent. Each flag was individually made and hand painted, unapologetically unique, like Allegory themselves.

Allegory have been making music together since 2014. I’m a fan of an older song, ‘Tangled Threads’ which alludes to the darker alternative rock of the late 80s/early 90s. The video to this is also very cool. Enthusiastic and ambitious, they have a determined sense of professionalism, firstly with the organisation and including efforts into the night itself. Additionally, their efficiency in communication with bands during organising the event.

Apex Sun were finishing up when I arrived but what I caught, I enjoyed. Very pleasant gentle rock with nice melodies. Luna Blue were brilliant. Beautiful soaring sounds, stop starting with quite funky intervals. Masterful guitar work and sense of rhythm too.

The Stayawakes were as awesome as the last time I saw them. Making music that plucks the heartstrings of my youth with their lusty 90s alternative indie sound, everyone was having a good time. Well worth checking out, they know exactly what they’re doing and along with their Ash-like quality, they’re fresh, punchy and sentimental.

Ellie on stage is exactly as I thought she’d be. Her long legs and long dark hair float and flow as if by some sort of magic. Her haunting warbling tones soar over the music and there is something that is difficult to distinguish in the way it all pulls together. They are defiantly themselves and there’s almost a sense of strength in their display. They are the Kimono, vibrant with flair.

“I wanted to be part of something” – Kimono Club.

What I can see in these guys is the most enormous potential. Their hard work and dedication to their cause, their passion for experimenting with creativity feels to me like something brilliant will build with help from the careful accumulation of rare skill and capability. The uniqueness will breathe life into it and it will grow into something really awesome.

Kimono Club out now available on Spotify and itunes.


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