A Night At The King’s Ship – The Relau...

Kings Ship Southsea

A Night At The King’s Ship – The Relaunch

Since opening their doors in 2014, King’s Ship have established themselves as not only one of the finest tattoo studios in the city, but also one of the best exhibition venues too. Having held a long series of very popular opening evenings and long standing exhibitions, King’s Ship have taken the next step to ensure the ongoing success of these events. Over the past month the team have been rebuilding and refurbishing the studio to create a new stand alone gallery space that sits alongside the tattoo business, but means that the two are separated.

“We can finally announce our relaunch opening night with artwork on show by our house tattoo artists, Aaron Willett and Sikes Mulligan-Ward. They will both be offering original artwork for sale from two very different styles, highlighting their creative passions outside of their every day tattoo work.  We’re not giving too much away about the work that will be on show yet…. but believe us it is not too be missed.

The relaunch will not only show off the artistic talents of our tattoo artists but also the grand new space we have to offer new artists. The gallery will be a permanent new fixture to the tattoo studio, offering an open and light space for local and not so local artists to showcase and hold their work.  We’ll be offering space for new artists to sell their work on a regular basis, accomodating a new gallery for art lovers to come and admire the various works on show.”

The opening night will start at 7pm on Friday 27th May and finish at 9pm. All artwork on show will be for sale and the exhibition will remain up for the following month. If you’d like to hear more about upcoming events or exhibitions then please visit www.facebook.com/KingShipTattooSouthsea


We’re not giving too much away about the work that will be on show yet….but believe us it is not too be missed.

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