Bird of Prey Cafe to Open in Southsea

We’ve had lots of interesting new food and drink spots opening up in Southsea in recent months offering great food and fun and interesting decor, but you haven’t seen or experienced anything like this…Southsea’s new Bird of Prey Cafe. You may have already seen Cat Cafes opening up in Japan and then San Francisco, London, Aberdeen, etc and heard of Puppy Cafes too but in Southsea we’ll have a World first, a cafe where as well as enjoying your excellently brewed flat white you can also enjoy the company of a group of birds of prey such as a snowy owl, buzzard, eagle and more. We caught up with the owner Phil Hood:

“I wanted to open a cafe but was hunting around for a new idea…I had seen these great cat cafes on Instagram and I wondered how I might be able to give something similar a more British feel. I thought that everyone loves a visit to an owl sanctuary and then it just came to me…how about combining the two in a brand new concept”.

In their new cafe just off of Albert Road, the cafe will have a fantastic breakfast and lunch menu, with locally caught fish a speciality, but with a twist: each fish comes with the cafe’s signature ‘talon scratches’, chef Steve Marshal explains “we’ve all seen those salmon snatched out of the water by these beautiful birds so we’ve added cuts to all of our fish dishes (such as Cod, Turbot and sourced wild Alaskan Salmon) to give it that freshly caught touch”. Whilst having your tea or coffee you can also pick on some fine homemade cake on the tables, each covered with soft leather and numbered with bells on leather tassels, great to attract the attention of the serving staff. The eagle-eyed customer will also notice the fun dishes for kids, such as their cool vole au vent selection you can dive in to.

And what about the birds of prey? Throughout the day the experienced staff will bring a bird to sit at your table and at different point you can even fly an owl to pick up your order from the kitchen for you (pellets are also provided for special occasions, such as birthdays).

Can’t wait to swoop in on this new cafe, expect the opening day tickets to fly out.

Find out more about the menu and the opening day details at:


Bird of Prey Cafe


  1. Liam fry

    1 April

    Then talon scratches sound a bit sharp on my taste buds!

  2. Dawn Thompson

    1 April

    I’m shocked, thank-you for bringing this to my attention, I shall be investigating further how permission was granted for this.

  3. Dawn Thompson

    1 April

    p.s that was meant to be as ironic as the article, just incase you were wondering !

  4. Maggie

    1 April

    This has beaten all the national news papers for me today! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced fuming to punching myself in the face in such a short time before!

    Nice one!

  5. Loving grumpy owl!!

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