Chantelle Wyatt ‘Travelling The World One St...

Chantelle Wyatt ‘Travelling The World One Step At A Time’

Chantelle Wyatt, 30, a local Southsea resident has made a life out of travelling around the world and and writing about it and her new books explore the journeys and adventures that she has been on.

In ‘Diving The World one step at a Time’ the scuba enthusiast, invites us to some of Earth’s most beautiful dive sites. Her dream to travel and experience multiple locations is one that permeates the pages and the book’s travel diary feel makes it easy to pick up and enjoy.

Travel is almost second nature in a modern interconnected world and Chantelle’s desire to read individual’s stories is what proved to be her inspiration when writing Diving The World. In collating her memories and adventures she ensures these experiences will never be forgotten and hopes that in turn she can inspire others.

Diving The World gives an insight into the world that is common to so many different countries, that of the underwater. That this world can be appreciated by everybody is shown by introducing people she meets along the way and illustrated beautifully with photographs. The book sets out to display the true majesty of the ocean, how it binds us all and just how vital it is that we protect it.


Chantelle’s latest book, ‘Travelling the World one step at a Time’ takes us on a tour of some of the wonders of the world from a non diving perspective. She looks at how easy it can be to travel to such remote locations and truly believes that anybody can pack up a backpack and explore and should.

Chantelle’s passion to write has also guided her to work for numerous magazines and newspapers in her local area to maintain good local relationships as she believes whole heartedly that being a good writer means you should explore all sorts of avenues.
Always looking for new opportunities and planning her next projects, she says that although she loves everything about the things she has done, there is no place like home and she will always return to sunny Southsea.

You can get your copy from Chantelle directly, Andark Diving & Watersports and Waterstones.

You can find Chantelle Wyatt on Facebook and on Twitter @Scubachan.

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