Sci Fi Weekend At Portsmouth’s Historic Dock...

Sci Fi Weekend At Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard

Last weekend saw Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard host a Sci Fi and Fantasy weekend. Attractions included props and memorabilia from Sci Fi classics such as Back To The Future, Star Wars and Dr Who. As well as the usual attractions within Action Stations you could have a go at Laser Quest and watch a showing of Guardians Of The Galaxy.

I ventured down on Saturday as I couldn’t resist the chance to see to see Guardians of the Galaxy on the big screen again. It was easily my favourite movie of the summer. I arrived to discover Action Stations bustling with children and adults, plenty wearing fancy dress or at least dug out their favourite Sci Fi t-shirts.

The market featured local creatives including the Urban sketcher himself Chris Webb, Tori Rosenbaum’s awesome custom made peg people and James Waterfield’s gruesome Lawn of the Dead garden ornaments.

The event was relatively small in size but I am excited to see the event grow in the future. You can find out more about the next Sci Fi and Fantasy event by following the Facebook Page HERE.

Delorian Sci Fi
Photo by Matthew Harrison
R2D2 and K9 Sci Fi


  1. Bilbo Baggins

    30 September

    “As well as the usual attractions within Action Stations you could have a go at Laser Quest…”

    Laser Quest IS a usual attraction within Action Stations.

  2. jennsie

    30 September

    Looks like good fun!!! Wish I knew about it sooner and could have gone as I’m only up the road!

  3. MH

    1 October

    although you CAN play laser quest at Action Stations all year round, this event had a specially designed game specifically for the weekend which was not open to anyone else to experience and isn’t available at any other time.

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