Future of The Registry is Under Threat

Future of The Registry is Under Threat

The first time I visited The Registry was probably in the late 90s. The India was really popular and one of the then growing It’s A Scream pub chain (don’t forget your yellow card) and The Registry was their new pub in Portsmouth. The architecturally striking building has changed and evolved over the years, adapting to the needs of both the local and student regulars. As well as drink and food the space has also been home to bands and DJs, particularly from the point it became The Kraken Wakes and back to The Registry. The place gave birth to Concrete Tuesdays which in particular has grown and grown in to a heavy weight, home grown event. The place has also seen Wolf Alice, Shadow Child, Bo Ningen, DJ Ez and loads more pass through too. In many ways it was and is a Portsmouth venue with it’s own identity and draw.

The Registry looks to be under threat with plans in place for it to become a (rather small) halls for student accommodation…maybe as a stop gap due to the delays in the major development of student halls on the old Victoria Baths site. If you would like to try and keep the pub and venue then a petition has been set up to help voice the concerns about the loss of The Registry.

It takes 10 seconds to sign the petition HERE.

The Registry by Matt Maber
(Photo by Matt Maber)


  1. Gareth C

    4 February

    Interesting – the firm applying for the planning is a company called “Rel Portsmouth”, who I presume is a private operator looking to run some private halls for students (and not related to UoP themselves). It would make no sense for the uni to do it, they are planning to convert Mercantile next door into halls.

    The Registry did change hands about six months ago from the previous operator (which I believe was a collaboration between fiveeightzero and Mitchell & Butlers). I wouldn’t be surprised that ‘Rel Portsmouth’ bought the Reg with no intention of keeping it as a pub and bought it for the property value.

    The closest link I can find to “Rel Portsmouth” online is this guy who is from Portsmouth who runs “Rel Group”

    The thing is that a petition won’t hold any weight in a planning decision – you need to think of a planning reason why it shouldn’t be converted, e.g. contravenes the local plan for that area, is unsuitable for conversion for housing, contravenes conservation area guidelines etc. People need to talk to the local councillors for that ward (St. Thomas’s so Margaret Foster (Liberal Democrat), Steven Wylie (Liberal Democrat) or Jacqueline Hancock (Liberal Democrat)) and see what they can do to help.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Abbie

    4 February

    Doing a Companies House search and “Rel Portsmouth Ltd” (if it’s the same company) was incorporated in July and has a registered address in Finchley and has one female director… not sure if/how that helps.

  3. Stuart Barker

    5 February

    It’s great to see people supporting the Regsitry to keep it open but I question how many still regularly attend the pub. People need to support it by with their feet and their wallets! They do decent food and have a great selection of booze behind the bar!

  4. Adam

    5 February

    It is great to see people supporting The Reg. However a better way to support the business would be to actually come in have a drink or eat and enjoy the great atmosphere.

    The owners would not dispose of a business that is making good profit. No one wants to see The Reg disappear we have all had great memories there, but if people don’t start coming in regularly enjoying the great nights that are on there. At the moment I don’t think a petition will make the slightest difference.

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