Nautical Chic by Amber Butchart – Call For N...

Nautical Chic by Amber Butchart – Call For Nautical Images

Local author Naomi Thompson recently got in contact regarding her friend Amber Butchart, a lady of a silly amount of bow feathers, is writing the book on maritime style aptly entitle Nautical Chic (to be published in 2015). Lavishly illustrated and backed up by rigorous research, it will be the definitive guide to nautical influences on fashion.

Her research has already brought her to our fine shingled shores and having delved into our numerous public resources, she is now looking to feature local folk and their stories. From pirates to petty officers via matelots and salty sea dogs, all are welcome.

Images are really important as they are the starting point of the book; where the particular styles are founded and then carried over into fashion trends. Amber is mainly looking for authentic historical imagery of folk in their uniforms or seafaring attire – as much detail of the clothing as possible and the older the better. Any pictures you may have of friends and family members in sailor suits or naval clothing would be much appreciated, especially if you have any information on the person in terms of rank or uniform detail. This being Portsmouth, any information on where the uniform was made would be an added bonus.

These images donโ€™t have to be exclusively British. For example, Amber will also look at French Breton stripes and American yachting style. Examples from other countries will also be of interest.

She would also like to hear of any collections of nautical ephemera, such as pictures of films stars in sailor/officer wear or illustrations of sailors. Even a picture of your seafaring granddad in an Arran knit would be welcome.

If you are interested in helping her research please contact Amber at amber@theatreoffashion.co.uk

Amber Butchart by Jo Duck_2_web


  1. Sharon

    7 January

    I have access to a pre-bankruptcy Betsey Johnson halter dress that has a nautical theme and I believe it was a limited run item. It’s white with a retro looking print of a sailor girl & anchor in blue and yellow, the tie is a cotton rope. Does this sound like what you are looking for?

    Great idea btw! Sounds like it will be a neat book.


  2. Tristan

    7 January

    Hey Sharon. Sounds perfect. If you can email at the address in the post I’m sure she will be delight to talk ๐Ÿ™‚

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