Theft At All About Tea

We are very sad to announce a break in at All About Tea at 8:31 this morning. Whilst the rest of Portsmouth were enjoying The Great South Run, an opportunist brazenly broke through the front door window and stole £535 from the till. The CCTV evidence below is pretty clear, so if you recognise the offender please report it to your closest police station. What appears to be a student also walks by seconds after the act, if you can assist with any potential further information then please do.


  1. Paul Gonella

    28 October

    All About Tea have confirmed that not only have the police caught him but he has pleaded guilty. Sadly the money was not recovered.

  2. Youreafool

    28 October

    If you leave £500 in a till overnight, you deserve to have it nicked. Seems this guy went STRAIGHT to the till and knew exactly how to open it. Probably an insurance or inside job methinks.

  3. sbox

    28 October

    Why would anyone ever “deserve” to be burgled? Perhaps people should have more humanity.

  4. Steve

    29 October

    Andrew works hard at his business and certainly dosen’t deserve to have his takings stolen.

    Inside job comments are insensitive, please respect the victim.

    Give him a hand, drop in and buy some tea, have a chat, and a cuppa, bet you wouldn’t post such nonsense if you met the All About Tea team.

  5. Gareth C

    31 October

    I don’t think anyone “deserves” to have something nicked “youareafool”….what an apt name…..

  6. Brett

    2 November

    Glad the idiot has been caught!
    I also agree with Gareth C comment on “youareafool” name (very apt), the comment “youareafool” made was just plain stupid, so, yes “youareafool” you are…by name and by nature!!

  7. Dave C

    5 November

    Good to see the guy was caught. As a former resident of Portsmouth and former Probation Officer I am appalled at the comments made by “yourafool”. The comments about inside job are also slanderous, another crime against the victim. Well done you moron (not slanderous as blatantly true), you should bow your head in shame (a good behaviour changing emotion bye the way). I will drop by for a cuppa when back in Pompey.

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