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A local team of professionals are launching a new worldwide digital music careers magazine called Alt Mu Magazine. It has been created for musicians or music lovers seeking alternative careers in music or the creative industries. The founder and editor of the magazine, Jennifer Le Roux is a local girl and mature student at The University of Portsmouth.

Jennifer has built a team of volunteers who are all professionals in their area of expertise to produce a creative magazine that serves a purpose close to her heart, she said: “I noticed that too many publications focused on getting famous or promoting them rather than encouraging sustainable careers in music. The content will engage, entertain and educate the readers. Basically it will do everything that I could have done with growing up with dreams of being a rock star.”

The team includes a photographer renowned for his alternative rock, burlesque and latex subjects, Scott Chalmers and the stunning sideshow performer, Ruby Rebelle and the first cover page star is a local cabaret success, Mister Joe Black.

Articles include tips on gaining confidence on stage and in the boardroom, ten alternative jobs in music, a feature on finding your ‘forward slash’ and how to write a good album review. Alt Mu Magazine is available now at www.altmumagazine.co.uk.

Alt Mu Magazine Issue 1

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    Thanks for your time
    Becoming the leviathan

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