As an avid maker and artist I was totally stoked to learn of the arrival of Make on Albert Road. For years now I have either purchased my craft materials off the net, avoided the soulless Hobby Craft at all costs or made lengthy train journeys to London or Brighton. I was also insanely jealous of other cities having craft cafes and equipment you could hire. I can honestly say i’ts about time Portsmouth had a gem like this to add to our blossoming creative scene. So go out and support this business because without places like this we just have faceless high streets and nowhere to be creative.

‘Make’ is an independent crafts studio, incorporating varying craft workshops with supplies and equipment available to purchase. Our ethos is based within local community, sourcing local people and products where possible. A one of a kind creative space for people who want to embrace craft, but do not have the equipment, space and in some cases the know-how to pursue it. In the same vane as an Internet café, customers can come to hire workstations by the hour too. Aside from this there will also be the chance to learn. Workshops will be taught by local craft professionals, ‘Makers’, in crafts such as machine & hand sewing, knitting, crochet and other crafts that have minimal overheads. As well as the workshops ‘Make’ will lay host to organised events such as birthdays, corporate events, hen days and children’s parties.

‘Make’ is a unique award winning business idea, all of it’s services aren’t offered anywhere else in Portsmouth under the same roof. The Craft Council study ‘Making Value’, shows craft is having a huge resurgence and is vitally important to our flagging economy. ‘Make’ is a space to unwind in, and as research by the Craft Council has proved, participating in crafts has an amazing effect on reducing stress levels.

For more info contact: info@makesouthsea.com


  1. Billie Cawte

    22 January

    Way to excited for this place to open!!

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