Fright Night Film Screening.

On Wednesday the 31st October The Gold Room gallery at Room 237 will be holding a traditional cult horror film screening. Tickets are £3 on the door and all money raised is going toward the gallery renovation fund. Doors open from 7pm with the film starting at 7.30pm sharp.

The gallery has been open for nearly a year now and has been run on zero budget, it has hosted twelve hugely successful events and exhibitions to date.

So come and show some love to this local gem! You can bring your own booze, the gallery will be supplying fresh warm popcorn, seating is limited so guests are encouraged to bring cushions, blankets and beanbags to cosy up in the candle lit basement.

The night will feature a double bill starting with a short ‘Yellow Trailer’ from a good friend of local Joe Watson.

‘ My buddy Ryan is clearing up on the horror circuit at the moment with his short ‘Yellow’, it was recently screened at Frightfest as well as loads of other European festivals and people are going nuts.’

Check out IMDB for a preview of Yellow Trailer.

The main event is the classic horror comedy ‘An American Werewolf in London’, beware going for a shant in The Slaughtered Lamb!

If you are definitely able to attend the screening please indicate on the facebook page to help the gallery create a guest list. This will make sure they can provide adequate refreshments and space. Please pay on the night and any other donations will be happily received.


  1. Martin

    26 October

    The Slaughtered Lamb surely?

  2. Louise

    27 October

    Noted Martin and amended. For some reason I was thinking of a pub I visited in Cumbria in the middle of some lonely moorland called The Fat Lamb. It left a eerie lasting impression on me. Nice ale though x

  3. Martin

    29 October

    Was Rik Mayall in the Fat Lamb? 😉

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