In Rust We Trust – First Impressions

We’ll be posting up a detailed review of last night’s incredible In Rust We Trust exhibition at Room 237 with a load of photos but for now, here are some iPhone snaps and a first impression from Tristan:

“Another truly outstanding example of local talent being showcased at not only an exceptional level of talent, but also an exceptional level of integrity and local pride. Well done to everyone involved in making ‘In Rust We Rust’ one of the finest and humblest exhibitions this city has ever seen. I tip my hat in your direction”.

In Rust We Trust Exhibition (1)

In Rust We Trust Exhibition (2)

In Rust We Trust Exhibition (3)

In Rust We Trust Exhibition (4)

In Rust We Trust Exhibition (5)

In Rust We Trust Exhibition (6)


  1. neal beard

    14 September

    Great looking show – missed the opening but hope to pop down there later…
    is that Rusty Sheriff sporting an SK5? Good stuff I approve!

  2. ami

    14 September

    Looks awesome! Gutted I couldn’t make it down last night, can’t wait to get down and see it though! Huge congrats to all involved! x

  3. Mydogsighs

    14 September

    A massive thank you for everyone who helped make it happen. – rusty sheriff and his amazing soundscape, Something Interesting for the beer, those that took snaps and filmed, angelo at room237 for letting us use the most amazing space. We really are lucky to have a space like that available in Southsea and, of course, strong island for supporting and promoting the event.
    People travelled across the country/globe for the show and everyone said what a brilliant space it was and what a fantastic crowd of people there were.
    I was genuinely blown away by the way portsmouths finest have stepped up to support the three of us. We are such creative community and the more we can support each other and celebrate our achievements the more we can grow.
    The show runs until the 23rd September before moving onto Cultivate gallery in London. You’re all welcome to pop in any time the shop is open (10-6 Monday to Saturday). If you find yourself in a position to want to part with your hard earned cash for a little bit of our soul then Angelo has our numbers. Just give us a call and we can arrange things. Remember, by doing so you’ll be keeping the pound in Portsmouth!!

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