Strong Island Recordings

Today we’re really happy to announce the formal launch of Strong Island Recordings, a new, Southsea based boutique record label. It has taken six months or so of careful planning and organising for us to get to this point and we will be using the Drunken Sailor stage at Southsea Fest to really act as a showcase for the label and also for some of the bands we will be working with in the next couple of months too.

Strong Island Recordings is a collective collaboration between a core of Portsmouth locals with long experience in label management, music production, A+R, promotion, photography, graphic design and filmmaking and is very much inline with the Strong Island ethos of creative collaboration, bringing together skills and ideas from local people to make something new. We’ll be profiling the people involved soon and we will also be looking to collaborate with local artists, filmmakers, designers, etc in future projects too. But. Despite it’s local roots, we will be working with bands from across the UK and further afield as well as local acts.

In the run up to Drunken Sailor at Southsea Fest all this week we’ll be posting up more details on the label, the people behind it, the bands we’ll be working with and also some chances to win some merchandise too. Keep an eye on Strong Island plus the new Strong Island Recordings Twitter and Facebook page, both of which will be full of updates in the run up to Drunken Sailor and during the day plus things like future gigs, releases, etc.

Twitter is @StrongIslandRec (with the hashtag #DrunkenSailor for Southsea Fest)
Facebook is www.facebook.com/StrongIslandRecordings

We also have a new website too, this will be updated after Drunken Sailor & Southsea Fest with info on bands, releases, etc.


Strong Island Recordings


  1. saft and boneless

    10 September

    …this is a brilliant idea!!! – Portsmouth has such a vibrant and happening live scene – so much creativity – so much energy – so many amazing bands – BIG IT UP!!!!!!!!

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