The Bowen Technique

A while ago we received an email from the lovely Jo Skivington telling us about the Bowen Technique. Named after Australian Tom Bowen, the technique consists of the practitioner using the thumbs or forefingers to make rolling type moves across tendons, ligaments and superficial fascia. The work is characterised by two minute pauses between moves, where the therapist leaves the room. It is claimed that this break allows the work to take effect.

Bowen treats the body as a whole rather than treating specific symptoms/conditions. Almost anything can respond well to Bowen including sciatic pain, migraines, back/neck/hip pain, hamstring flexibility, sports injuries, pregnant women’s – tingly fingers, back pain and irritable Bowel.

The aim would be to reduce severity, frequency, longevity of symptoms, sometimes symptoms are completely alleviated but everyone responds differently. It is important to note is that Bowen should not replace seeking medical advice.

Jo discovered Bowen after falling badly on a trampoline and injuring her back at school. Since childhood Jo has had Bowen to alleviate a wide range of problems which then prompted Jo to qualify with the European College of Bowen Studies (ECBS) and works from her home in Southsea.

Treatments cost £35 per session and it is generally recommend that people complete 3 sessions. If you email Jo and put ‘Strong Island’ in the subject box you will receive a trial first session for £25!

Client Andrea Leaf says “experienced a real breakthrough with a health issue i have been treated for unsuccessfully for over 10 years after just one session and this has continued improving. The unique attention to my medical history and lifestyle also enabled Jo to highlight other areas where I could benefit from treatment physically and mentally, for example I have suffered from panic attacks for 20 years and have now been sympton free for over 6 months. Bowen has made a dramatic improvement to my quality of life.”

You can contact Jo via the website and by Jo’s Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Pippa Heaton

    25 August

    Wow, fantastic Jo, well done. I hope many ,many people walk through your door.

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