+art Exhibition at OrthoSpace

+art Exhibition at OrthoSpace

This month +art are showing work by Johnny Horgan, Billie Rae, Jakob Belbin and Julie Chappell at OrthoSpace inside Southsea Orthodontist, Victoria Road. Work will be to the end of July. Below is some more information about their work.

Johnny Horgan is a 22 year old Photographer based in Oxford and Southsea, specialising in portraiture. He is interested in youth, travel and beauty, capturing a variety of cultures and sights along the way. Shooting nearly always on 35mm film cameras the shades and colours are of a high quality and all images are printed by hand.prints for sale on request.

Billie Rae Photography is a Portsmouth based photographer currently studying a photography degree at University of Portsmouth and working part time in a camera shop. Using a mixture of digital and film cameras, Billie Rae enjoys documenting her surroundings and capturing the small details that might normally be missed. Having grown up in the city much of her work is inspired by the island and the on-going series Floating City consists of images taken on various walks around Portsmouth. This particular photograph was taken last summer near Clarence Pier and shows that the loud, intrusive seagull can still appear delicate and graceful.

Jakob Belbin, A self-taught painter born in Winchester 1989. He describes himself as an Urban Expressionist painter. His canvasses are remnants of discarded and found objects salvaged from skips and alleyways. On them, he depicts his own unnerving vision of 21st century life. What makes Belbin’s work beautiful and desirable is that his twisted scenes of alienation and aloneness all harbour a compassionate understanding of our need to intimately connect and feel loved. Not just limited to painting another equally fascinating aspect to his work are the chaotic and incredibly detailed ‘Explosion Drawings’ which seamlessly blend together the objects and interests that inhabit Jakobs world.

Julie Alice Chappell an environmental artist and contemporary painter, practice involves creating sculptural pieces out of discarded objects, however painting is a different way to explore the relationship between waste and use, form and the formless and environmental empathy and destruction of ecosystems.

If you would like to exhibit your work here at any of the +art venues please go to www.facebook.com/JustAddArt or email justaddart@hotmail.co.uk for more details.


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