The Garage Lounge – Now Open

Many of you have have been keeping your eye on the covered windows of the old Allen Bros Tyre & Van Hire property on the corner or Albert Road and Victoria Grove in anticipation of the Garage Lounge, Southseas latest coffee joint.

Now let me set the record straight, it’s no coffee shop that’s for sure. If anything it’s a coffee lounge as name suggests. Taking it’s name from the purpose of the previous establishment is the only thing in common it bears. With a very considered decor including vintage furniture, well chosen antiques, fantastic lighting and hand laid original parquet flooring the Garage Lounge has much more to offer than coffee. In fact if it’s non alcoholic they seem to have it. If the simply insane coffee machine isn’t blending away the smoothies and juices are literally flowing.

I was fortunate enough to get an invite (thanks Callum) on their opening night and was amazed by the shear effort that has gone in to creating this unique new venue on Albert Road.

It may not be to everyones taste as a ‘hang out’, but for myself I’m stoked to see someone going the extra mile and once again adding to the the whole buzz of Albert Road. It also means me and Paul may have the odd meeting that’s not in a pub…..

Edit: You can find The Garage Lounge over on Facebook HERE.


  1. claire

    8 March

    gosh the mystery is now explained. Paul and I are meeting there next week and I might pop in tomorrow for a look.

  2. Billie Cawte

    9 March

    Walk past this place after weeks of wondering what would be at the result of all the work, looks absolutely beautiful. Me and my uni friends are thinking our next group meeting should involve this place.

  3. Sue

    11 March

    Three visits in one week. What a refresing change. Great decor, fantastic atmosphere and no alcohol a refreshing change in an area which is saturated with alcohol outlets. Just hope the owners manage to maintain the unique and classy nature of this venue.
    Good luck!

  4. Gareth C

    13 March

    No booze? No thankyou!

  5. Nathan

    13 March

    Went in on Friday evening after a couple of drinks, made a nice change to have an alternative to the usual routine.

    Great atmosphere, and the owners were very friendly and we stayed until closing time. Brilliant addition to Albert Road

  6. Brian

    18 March

    We wanted a quiet drink before going to see Chicago but ended up leaving the pub because of loud drunken “Irish” blokes (as in they were sneezed on by an Irish man ten years ago which qualifies them to celebrate St. Patricks Day) When we stumbled across The Garage Lounge, what a brilliant place.
    We always said that there was a gap in the market, sometimes you just want a coffee or tea in the evening and didn’t want to sit in a pub surrounded by piss heads.
    Great tea, coffee and cakes, we’ll be heading straight there next time we’re in Southsea. We wish the owners every success.

  7. Fifi

    25 March

    My friend works there. I relly need a job and its soo nice there I would love to work at the garage lounge!

  8. Angeliki

    29 March

    i love the decor and the amazing atmospere of the place! Coffee and cakes are great too! lovely to be able to have a nice evening and not having to be in a loud pub! good luck!!!

  9. D.J. Kirkby

    21 April

    Looks and sounds wonderful. Definitely on my to do list now.

  10. Roger de Vere

    4 May

    Great breakfast,coffee and atmosphere. Will try lunch next time.

  11. Bev

    21 August

    wow, what a great place, was introduced last weekend – will be bring all my friends here. Fabulous food, atmosphere and staff. What a winner!

  12. Mr King

    4 November

    My first visit was at the weekend I was very disappointed to see no energy save bulbs fitted to the light fittings and the use of old retro lights which look good but have not be rewired still using two wires these will not pass a pac test.
    The staff seem to have trouble finding you once your order is ready may be a simple table number would help.

  13. Gareth

    4 November

    Cool story bro

  14. Charlie

    4 November

    I can’t help but think of The Modern Parents strip in The Viz.

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