Keep The Pound In Pompey – Caroles Cafe

Keep The Pound In Pompey – Caroles Cafe

Ever since Dave Millard and Punk Paul introduced me to Caroles Cafe, it’s been the only place in Southsea I will ever go to for my traditional english breakfasts.

The walls of the cafe are covered with images of Portsmouth Football Club from the past twenty or so years. It brought back memories of when my uncle Keith used to take me to matches as a boy. On the wall you’ll see old faces including the likes Darryl Powell, Robbie Pethick, Paul Hall and the legendary Guy Whittingham.

The food is reasonably priced with generous portions. They don’t just serve breakfasts, they serve a range of snacks and dinners. You can even get a roast dinner on a sunday. Pop in for a tea, coffee or a bite to eat and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Caroles Cafe is located at 247 Albert Road, Southsea, PO4 0JR.

Openning Times
Monday > Friday 0600-1400
Saturday 0630-1430 (perfect place to get something to get before a trip to Fratton Park)
Sunday 0700-1430


  1. Heath

    7 March

    When I was still living down in Southsea, Carole’s always took preference over Mumms. Bigger, better portions and a much nicer atmosphere.

  2. Tristan

    7 March

    No photo of your meal to tease us though Stu. Try The Cottage Cafe too, now this is a portion: http://www.strong-island.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/IMG_7199.jpg

  3. dave clark

    7 March

    I’m sure when i was a kid this was called “Eve’s Cafe”, and I think the daughter of the owner went to my school.

  4. sarah

    14 March

    Having read the comments about the cafe, may I contradict the comments that ‘Sally’ has posted. I worked in the cafe for many years and it has always been a fantastic place to work.. Carole is a great boss and helped me out on numerous occasions including some personal matters, so I have no idea what the “aggro from ‘the boss'” means. Many of the girls that worked alongside me had worked there for a long time and even when they left for pastures new, have volunteered their services on any days off they may have.. does that sound like a place that treats its staff badly? The work can be hard and it can be a dirty job when cleaning stuff but Carole always mucked in and helped us. May I also point out that the tips were always shared out fairly. Carole never took a cut as she always said they were for the girls and boys that worked there and they were shared out depending on hours worked, days worked, time there and how well we worked, so a person working only one day a week for only a few months would invariably get a fraction of what someone who worked there a few days a week and had been there all year.

    The cafe has a great reputation and was a fun place to work and I enjoyed my time there so please do not take the comments of what sounds like a disgruntled person who may have been sacked for not doing their job properly into account. I could get any of the other girls and boys who have worked there for some time in the past or present to back me up.

    The food is great, the atmosphere is brilliant with a lot of regulars and somewhat a little crazy staff.. the length it has been running for and the popularity show that it’s a great little traditional cafe.

  5. Stuart Gardener

    10 June

    its a sad sad time. caroles has closed.i only found this out today sunday 10,june ..ive been going there for over 10 years.carol you will be sadly missed .hope your retirement is great.thanks for feeding me .lots of love …stuart…suzuki gs750

  6. Stuart Barker

    10 June

    Shame! I’ll need to find somewhere new now 🙁

  7. Kaye

    19 June

    I know it’s a bit of a shock to everyone.. We didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to you all but will miss everyone.. Carole is nearly 70 and got to the time in her life where she’s done stressing especially with rising costs etc… Danielle is off to have her baby in September anyway so wasn’t long before she left… I’ve got a wonderful new job so we are all o.k….if anyone wants to stay in touch both Danielle and I are on Facebook (Kaye Goodwin and Danielle Findlay) love to hear from our wonderful customers who we had such fun with 🙂 miss you all xx

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