Les Miserables film to be shot in Portsmouth

Les Miserables film to be shot in Portsmouth

If you’ve been following the News today you will have noticed this story by Elise Brewerton.

Hollywood has come calling in Portsmouth to find hundreds of men to appear as extras in the blockbuster film Les Miserables.

Scenes for one of the most hotly-anticipated big screen adaptations ever will be filmed in the city and men of all shapes and sizes are needed alongside leading men Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. The Australian actors will take the lead roles in the film musical, which has been adapted from the much-loved Victor Hugo novel about poverty, love, heartache and revolution in 19th France.

Location scouts are looking at Portsmouth and Winchester sites and casting begins on Saturday at The Langstone Student Village, Furze Lane, off Locksway Road, Milton, (We’re waiting to hear back from the News to confirm the time). Casting agent Wayne Berko, from Uni-Versal Extras, said: ‘We’re looking for anyone over the age of 16 to play a variety of different roles, from peasant to military guys, in 19th century France.

‘We’re looking for guys who perhaps have military experience, people whose hair isn’t too funky and clearly not from that era. You’ve got to use common sense – if you’ve got purple streaks you’re not going to be used. We are looking to film in Portsmouth and we want to use local people.’

No previous acting experience is necessary and the casting will last only a few minutes while photos, measurements and contact details are taken. Hundreds are expected at the casting which is 10am to 4pm.

A second casting for men and women will take place at Walton Suite, Winchester Guildhall, on February 26 from 10am to 4pm.

Filming begins in March. The film is released in December.


  1. Gareth C

    9 February

    Do you have to be a student to apply?

  2. Gareth C

    9 February

    Only reason I ask is because the casting agency seem to just use students

  3. Stuart Barker

    9 February

    I’m not sure to be honest? If you find out can you let us know and we’ll update the article.

  4. Tom Van Vliet

    9 February

    What is the date of the audition in Portsmouth, as I can’t see it in this article? Cheers.

  5. Cosmic Hobo

    11 February

    Tom – it says in the third par of the story that it’s taking place on Saturday, ie, today.

  6. allisoin whiting

    19 February

    Please could you tell me if there are any more castings for this film as i was away for the one held 11th february and am really interested.

  7. allisoin whiting

    19 February

    Is the casting in winchester for people that have already been to audition in portsmouth or for anyone.

  8. Stuart Barker

    19 February

    No idea I’m afraid.

  9. Gareth C

    20 February

    Allisoin – the website for the casting agency is here: http://universalextras.co.uk/ maybe give them a call and ask.

  10. Stuart Barker

    20 February

    Cheers Gareth!

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