Don’t Forget Your Plimsolls

Don’t Forget Your Plimsolls

Don’t Forget Your Plimsolls is a new style of exercise class.  It brings everything people enjoyed about PE and playground games while still allowing them to get fit in a carefree and above all, fun way.  Even those of us who hated PE still have fond memories of crazes such as British Bulldog, Stuck in the Mud and Dodgeball.  Exercise never used to feel like exercise and this is exactly what DFYP is trying to recapture. Yes, you’ll burn calories as you take part in the activities, but without the pain of monotony and pressure you may have experienced in gyms previously.  Founder Joel Ryder is a fully qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer so while the emphasis is on fun with fitness, you’ll also be in safe hands.  It’s even a great way to socialise while doing something good for mind and body.

If more traditional classes are not for you, then this may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. It suits those who are returning to exercise as well as those who are just starting out.  Each game has been carefully designed to allow you to judge how far you wish to push yourself.  If your aim is to shed pounds, get a bit fitter or just have some silly laughs to chill out after work then give it a go.   Just bring yourself, and of course, your plimsolls.

DFYP is at Eastney Community Centre 7-8pm every Tuesday.

£2.50 introductory offer if you mention ‘Strong Island’ (normal price £3.50).

This is an adult class so minimum age is 18 years.


  1. lou

    25 January

    Yay so gonna do this, loved bench ball at school

  2. Josie

    25 January

    Love this idea. As long as they don’t get captains to pick sides. I don’t want be picked (nearly last) again!

  3. Gareth C

    25 January

    Defo going next week. got to shift this Xmas belly…

  4. Charlie Thompson

    25 January

    I’m game for next week, come grab me G-man.

  5. Ben Mills

    26 January

    I’m going next week too, you up for trying to drag Jam along? It’s right next to his house

  6. Gareth C

    26 January

    Amazingly I think Jam’s been every week, he’s being trying to drag us along!

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