NatWest Carved Map

The NatWest Bank in Palmerston Road has an amazing carved map of Portsmouth that I must have walked past on loads of occasions and never really stopped to look at. The map has many local landmarks highlighted plus the islands in both Portsmouth and Langstone harbours. Not sure exactly how old it is. Next time you pass by if you have a moment spare stop and have a look.

  1. Carl Leroy-Smith

    11 October

    Funny, I was looking at this last week, after 20 years of seeing it but not looking at it. It really is fantastic. Very interesting to see the choice of city landmarks back then. The obelisk in Hilsea I seem to recall is on there. Would be a great bike ride/treasure hunt route. Carl

  2. Anna Edwards

    26 October

    Funny, I only noticed it 3 days ago although I’ve been living in this area for a couple of years!

  3. Andrew Dobbs

    9 May

    It’s been there years, I remember it as a kid and I’m 43!

  4. Chris H

    12 July

    What folk have missed is that the plaque was put up by the National Provincial Bank, which merged with the Westminster Bank in 1970. It was there when I opened my first bank account there, in 1963.
    It was put up to show where all the NatPro Bank branches in the city were situated!

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