Vintage Portsmouth & Southsea

Vintage Portsmouth & Southsea

Awesome vintage photography collection from Pop Olive33 that I found on Flickr a while back. Check out Osborne Road and Guildhall. Epic. Hard to imagine a time when traffic flowed through Guilders, and that was only in 1968 and the shot looking west down Osborne Road is amazing. Trams, horses, grand buildings, a traffic cop, ladies & gents. It’s all going on. To view the full collection head over to Pop Olive’s Flickr photostream HERE and the Portsmouth set HERE.

  1. Caroline

    15 March

    Amazing! These are lovely! I <3 living here!

  2. Ben Mills

    15 March

    Such a shame we were so heavily bombed during the war

  3. Tristan Savage

    15 March

    True. Some of the early architecture is amazing. Although a lot has obviously changed I still find it very interesting to just look ‘up’ every now and then. The lower faces of buildings have changed in to Co=Op and such, but the higher architecture and design often remains.

  4. Pudding Snack!

    15 March

    Too true about looking up.

  5. Kat Southsea Mum

    15 March

    I love old photos. I recently brought an old map of Southsea here http://www.alangodfreymaps.co.uk/acatalog/ it was only a couple of quid too

    Will have a good look at these old photos later 🙂 thanks for the link

  6. Paul Gonella

    16 March

    Loving these. I’ve been collecting Portsmouth vintage photo books recently for a project I’m researching and it’s a shame the bombing wiped so much off the map.

  7. Mark Persaud

    18 March

    Man, love it when you post these vintage bad boys! What an absolutely wonderful find! Pls keep’em coming Mr S!

  8. Mark Persaud

    18 March

    PS. Wicked tip off Kat Southsea Mum – Unbelievably good value!

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