Take action to save the Hayling Ferry!

Take action to save the Hayling Ferry!

Thanks to Jon Spencer for bringing this to our attention. Take action now, “The proposed city council budget for 2011/12 onwards proposes that the subsidy currently offered to the Hayling Ferry be cancelled. This will more than likely spell the end for the ferry service which provides a great route into and out of the city for cyclists and pedestrians. The budget will go to the vote at council on tuesday 8th February. If you would like the service to be saved then please phone, email or write to your ward councillors to ask them to oppose the motion to scrap the subsidy. Find your ward councillors HERE. Some reasons why the ferry needs to remain:

The Hayling ferry provides vital access to a rural area to the residents of Portsmouth. This is one of the very few rural areas that is accessible to the people of Portsmouth without requiring access to a car. Our MP, Mike Hancock, spoke very eloquently on the breakfast news on this week about how vital public access to rural areas is to the wellbeing of a community and how he was therefore, in opposition to his government’s plans to sell off woodland. He was absolutely right to make this stand but it will be prove pointless if means of accessing such rural areas are removed.

Despite the assertions made in appendix C of the budget report, the Hayling ferry is widely used by citizens of Portsmouth. It is used daily by workers at Hayling, Havant and Langstone (and further afield) who commute by bike. It is heavily used by people who wish to visit the beaches or to use the popular Billy Trail by foot or by bike. The Hayling Ferry link is part of the UK national cycle network route 2 and as such is used by cyclists from across the UK to get into Portsmouth.

The major transport challenge Portsmouth faces is surely the fact that most of the city is on an island and there are very few access routes. Removing one of these routes is surely, at best, extremely unwise? This will increase pressure on the already extremely congested Eastern Road and will remove, at a stroke, the most pleasant way onto and off of Portsea Island.

The Hayling Ferry is good value. It’s annual subsidy of £15,000 is only about 1.3% of what the pyramids is costing the city this year. In terms of the value of the leisure and travel opportunities it presents it is punching well above its weight.”


  1. Tristan Savage

    6 February

    Outrageous. Surely this won’t come to fruition. Contact your councillor now.

  2. Paul Gonella

    6 February

    Joke. I’ve been there early some mornings and a few schools run mini buses to pick up their students who use the ferry to get to school, what are they meant to do? Swim?

  3. Martin

    7 February

    What a way to increase cars and traffic on the already stupidly busy Eastern Road AND A3023, the road onto/off Hayling.
    (And, I’d imagine the Ferryboat Inn’s takings would plummet)

  4. Martin

    8 February

    Dear Martin,

    Thanks for the email.

    We have looked at this matter today and the money has been found to cover this.

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to contact us.

    Cllrs Lee Hunt & Margaret Adair

  5. Sharon

    16 January

    Hayling ferry not being there is ridiculous it’s needed for so many comuters can’t believe it’s even being discussed long may it continue

  6. Paul Duffield

    21 January

    The ferry is an important and critical for many service. I was stunned to hear about Langstone Harbour Boards extortionate charges and I would urge that all the present subsidies continue or the LHB reduce their fees.

    In the summer the Ferry brings me customers over to go fishing with us from Gunwharf Quays and many of the children rely on the Ferry to go to school. My own family and friends who live in Portsmouth regularly use it to go over to the Ferry Inn and the nearby hotel too.

    Crazy to stop it. Think of all the greenhouse gases and extra cards on the already congested roads. Portsmouth City Council recently introduced a very popular park and sail scheme for Portsmouth and the subsidy is pennies in comparison what it cost to set this service up and yet the Hayling Ferry service provides park and sail, cycle and sail, ferry and public transport options all year round.

    Let’s make sure we keep it and the council votes the correct way!

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