Strong Island Charity Raffle & 2nd Birthday P...

Strong Island Charity Raffle & 2nd Birthday Party

What an incredible success. Myself & Paul owe everyone who attended, donated & helped out with our Birthday Raffle a HUGE thank you. I’d estimate that at least 200 Strong Islanders were in attendance on the night and we sold a staggering amount of raffle tickets.

With your generosity we managed to raise an amazing £625 for The Portsmouth Autism Support Network and The Portsmouth Lifeboat Station. The money will be split equally between the two charities and hopefully we can hand it over this weekend.

Everyone was having a really good time and there was a great vibe throughout the whole joint. It was great to put some faces to names finally. Thanks to everyone who came down, all of the very generous prize donators and of course extra special thanks to Graham and all The Belle Isle staff for letting us hold our party and making sure no one went thirsty. Cheers guys.

Prizes were very kindly donated from the following people: The Belle Isle / Bored / Portsmouth University / Paul Gonella /Tristan Savage / Claire Sambrook / Desperados Beer / Ian Parmiter / Rob Trigg / Wallspace Gallery / Head Hairdressing / FarkFK / Southsea Fixed Gear / James Weaver / Mikee Ayling / Matt O’Neill / Diana Goss / Caleigh Illburn / Cat Vaughan / Steve Bomford / Owain Harris / Miki Organic / Louise Bush / Nick Hicking / Candice @ Inksquatch / MyDogSighs / Paul Thurlow / Jobsite & Ye Olde Bike Shoppe. I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Apologies if I did.

Matt Saxey took some great photos of the whole evening so be sure to check them out over at his Flickr. Cheers Matt.

We’re already looking forward to our 3rd Birthday Party next year. Hope you can make it. All the best and thanks again.

Tristan & Paul

EDIT: There are three unclaimed prizes, available from Paul and The Belle Isle. Someone was lucky enough to buy the raffle tickets but sadly had to leave by the looks of things. If you’re yellow 20 then head to the Belle and show your ticket, if you are pink 377 or yellow 159 email us to sort out pickup. If any are not claimed over the next few weeks we’ll offer them up for some kind of competition. Assuming no one minds…


  1. claire sambrook

    4 October

    it might be me as I had tickets in the 20’s BUT alas I have lost my tickets :[ poop.

  2. claire sambrook

    4 October

    well done everyone especially Tristan and Paul for being them :] and organising such a great night.

  3. Paul Gonella

    4 October

    There are two other prizes to be claimed, I’ll add photos in a bit

  4. Paul Gonella

    4 October

    I found them in one of the boxes when I got everything home.

    I’ve added photos and info to the post.

  5. Pudding Snack!

    4 October

    Top night full of top people. Tidy amount of charity money too. Well done all.

  6. Ben Mills

    4 October

    Sooooooo gutted I couldn’t have been there!

  7. Tristan Savage

    4 October

    Gotta be your number one Thursday on the books since opening Ben?

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