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Breaking More Waves is one of the most thoughtful, intelligent and prolific Portsmouth based music blogs around at the moment, the blog does not just focus on just the local scene it also covers new music from Indie to Electro Pop to Folk to whatever takes their fancy from all over the world. The blog has recently included Portsmouth acts including The B of The Bang, Holdfast and Loz Bridge and also covers local gigs here and along the south coast and Festivals such as SouthseaFest, Bestival and Blissfields.

Check the blog at breakingmorewaves.blogspot.com.

P.S. Every other week you can find Robin from Breaking More Waves on Express FM‘s The Guestlist show doing a feature called ‘New Waves @ Breaking More Waves’ where Robin talks about a new, unsigned or just signed bands that he is recommending. Well worth a listen.

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  1. Alice Offley

    3 May

    Dear Robin,
    I am releasing my new song Funk On The Dancefloor this Friday, and wondered if you would be interested in reviewing it?

    Preview Funk On The Dancefloor on soundcloud:


    Song info:

    Lyrically, Funk On The Dancefloor was inspired by the idea of that magical union you can have with someone you have just met – and know nothing about, but instantly have a connection with, via a shared love or joy for something – in this case, MUSIC!
    Often life can stress us out and it’s easy to get distracted from all of the little miracles around us, but being in the moment is what this song is all about.

    See the Official Video here: https://youtu.be/5UVkrBqtYGQ
    The music video was alot of (freezing) fun to shoot, laying on a wet pavement in Hackney, barefoot in a mini dress while passer-by’s looked on! I probably seemed a bit crazy – however, it was all in the name of funk. HA!

    If you have any questions or would like further info, please let me know.

    Best wishes,
    Alice x

    Alice Offley, Disco diva & cousin of Dusty Springfield launches new single, ‘Funk On The Dancefloor’ on 6th May 2022.

    As a professional musician and singing bass-player, (Thompson Twins, Tricky, Cyndi Lauper) Alice has a great reputation on the live circuit, having toured internationally with bands and solo, in both arenas and tv studios since she was a teenager.

    Her day job is singing & playing piano in London bars, and her family’s roots of jazz and soul have been a big influence on her musical tastes.

    Alice refers to 80’s Madonna, Kylie and Prince as her big influences and recalls her first best friend being her 80’s portable cassette player.


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