Ghost Ship: A Pageant for Portsmouth

Ghost Ship: A Pageant for Portsmouth

Anyone that went down to see the theatre and fireworks display at Castle Field on Sunday night witnessed something I don’t think anyone expected. After a dramatic story telling of the ships fate, a parade of flags, full costume dance routine on the steps and a Parkour rigging reenactment they burned the whole thing down. Quite something to watch. They walked a huge burning anchor past the ship and then a burning cannon let off blasts in the direction of the ship which reacted with a full scale fireworks display and then promptly burned to the ground.

So convinced was I that they would not burn the ship due to it’s size and insane health and safety risks that I bet Ben Mills £5 it wouldn’t happen. More the fool me, but it was actually well worth the fiver to watch a ship burn on Castle Field. Well done to Portsmouth Council for letting this free event happen. It was a great family event and everyone really enjoyed it.

Ghost Ship from Tristan on Vimeo.

The additional photograph below is by Andrew Yardley who I met last night and kindly asked if he could send some of his photos to us. Thanks Andy, great photo.


  1. Ricky & Ingrid Jeans-Lee

    29 June

    We thought the Ghost Ship pageant was spectacular – a marvellous evening. A huge thank you to all involved for celebrating English history in such an imaginative way. Terric fun.

  2. Barry & Charmaine

    29 June

    My wife and I also thought they would not burn the ship because of the size, but what an amazing display, one I will remember for quite a while.

    Well done to all who were involved, very imaginative.

  3. Paul

    30 June

    Sad I missed this. Damn flu virus.

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