Thought of the Week with Handsome ‘Dave’ Rocker...

Thought of the Week with Handsome ‘Dave’ Rocker

Well fuck, if I didn’t make this one hell of a fucking tribute to Michael Jackson I shouldn’t be aloud a computer.

No matter what you might think of the man himself ,I’m pretty sure he’s been a part of all of our lives, from trying to moonwalk and doing all the dance moves to dressing up like thriller at the school disco.

BASICALLY if you don’t like jacko you don’t like music.

But this doe’s make us realise that life is short, so lets have some fucking fun, YEAH.

Southsea Unite, is definitely happening and its going to be on the 8th of august and its going to be great, I want to be impressed by the picnics, fancy dress and pretty much anything goes. We are going to have a massive game of rounders and an after party with me and the other guys from we supply movement at the little jonny Russell, I’m sure a few of you know it. Keep checking this site for more info and soon to be facebook group. If you can help by sticking up a poster or dishing out some flyers, please contact me. Thanks for tuning in again…..

Micheal Jackson R.I.P.

  1. Paul

    26 June

    True, as much as a muppet as he was in later years, his early music was awesome. I’ve watched that performance of Billie Jean he did at the Mowtown 25th anniversary from 1983 a few times this morning, first moonwalk and an awesome song.


    Off The Wall is my favourite MJ album though.

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