Thought of the Week with Handsome ‘Dave’ Rocker...

Thought of the Week with Handsome ‘Dave’ Rocker

Well here we are again, with an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while. So bare with me.

Right as I’m sure by know you all know that I run this town, never mind what any other mother fucker tells you, which is going to make this idea do able.

I’m sure a few of you remember smokey bears picnic, which in essence could have been quite a good day, but we have all grown up, and some of you smoke the ism still and that’s fine but most of us have stopped that shit, plus at smokey bears picnic there was obviously interest from the po po. Which nobody wants especially if you’re blazing…….get me.

So this leads to the idea, as you know there are many social groups in our kingdom of southsea and we all cross over from time to time ,creating a very large group of like minded people which is fucking ace. SOUTHSEA, UNITE! So I am aiming to invite you all to a day on the common with me and everyone within our individual crews for a day of bar b q, music and a huge fucking game of rounders. My aim is Saturday the 1st of august. (Editors note, this is Matt & Lyndas Wedding so it will change. We’ll keep you posted.)

Basically I’m organising a stealth illegal festival for sound people to meet each other properly using southsea’s greatest facility, the common. Any feedback would be gratefully excepted. Stay strong and rave safe, handsome.

Dave asked for a little help with the logo design. Let me know what you think. Tristan.



Thanks for the comments. How’s this version work for you. It’s good to get feedback as when you’re working on something you can see it for what it’s supposed to be, but an outside view can bring up the little problems.



  1. Phoebe

    17 June

    Fun times…
    The N feels too aggressive! And because of the pointy bits as well as the ‘sea’ obscuring the U the N stands out too much and it reads Southsea Nite. I reckon if you lose the pointy bits though it’ll read better.

  2. Sikes

    17 June

    love the whole idea, once again a great chance to meet new people and make the great southsea even more united.
    LOVE IT!

  3. The Albino Assasin

    17 June

    Super smashing great.

  4. Tristan

    17 June

    Cheers Phoebe. Check the post for a different version.

  5. Lou

    17 June

    What a fab idea and I love the logo, the Southsea bit looks very organic, jeez look at me ‘organic’ how arty.

  6. Pudding Snack!

    17 June

    I’m in.

    That N is quite pointy……..

  7. Pudding Snack!

    17 June

    Perhaps some sort of vintage postcard font would be apt?……

  8. Tonks

    18 June

    Great idea! Smokey Bears picnic takes me back – I remember one Howard Marks there, being “spoken to” by the babylon…

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