Pigeon Books Recommendations: October 2022

Pigeon Books Recommendations: October 2022

October is usually all about Halloween, and we’ll get to that – but it’s very important to remember that it’s also Black History Month. We’re very proud to have a platform that allows us to amplify the voices of Black authors, artists and creators – and we’ve always got what we think is a great selection of books to do that.
David Olusoga’s ‘Black And British’ has always been a popular choice since it’s release – and has now spawned a number of spin-off versions, including an abridged version for younger readers.
David gained a lot of readers’ interest with his TV show ‘A House Through Time’, which focused on a Bristolian house which was found to have been built with profits from the slave trade – made even more relevant due to the toppling of the Edward Colston statue, as a great part of the Black Lives Matter movement.
You’ll find plenty more books aimed at younger readers based around great figures in Black history – a particular favourite of ours are the ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ series which features, amongst others, books focusing on Martin Luther King Jr, Ella Fitzgerald, Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks.
Onto Halloween, then – the weather is definitely starting to turn, the nights are getting darker sooner, and what more excuse to wrap yourself up in a blanket (especially because we can’t afford to turn the heating on any more…) and enjoy a good spooky book?
Personal recommendations for this year are ‘The Haunting Season’, a collection of short stories by some incredible authors including Bridget Collins, Kiran Millwood Hargrave and Andrew Michael Hurley, and ‘Black Water Sister’ by Zen Cho – a chaotic story of gods, ghosts, and gangsters.
YA fans might also be keen on ‘The Midnight Club’ – not least because it’s just been adapted into a Netflix series!
I’ll be back in a month or so when we’ll be hopefully well into the buildup to Christmas – make sure you get your orders in with plenty of time to spare and don’t forget that we can get most books (as well as CDs, records and films) into store within a couple of days if we don’t already have them!
Until then – stay safe and we hope to see you soon!

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