Farlington Marshes Owl Image Wins National Photogr...

Farlington Marshes Owl Image Wins National Photography Award

A photo of a short eared owl taken at the Hampshire & Isle of White Wildlife Trust’s Farlington Marshes nature reserve has won an accolade at the prestigious British Wildlife Photography Awards 2017. Matt Roseveare, 18, is a young amateur wildlife photographer and filmmaker based in Hampshire. His striking image of a short eared owl in flight at Farlington Marshes, near Portsmouth, won the 12-18 category in the British Wildlife Photography Awards. Titled The Golden Hour Hunt, it portrays the owl in flight, pursuing its prey, as dusk sets in.

As the light began to fade a short-eared owl emerged to hunt for prey above the marshes. Standing on the sea wall I was amazed when it began to fly towards me – it is a moment I will never forget!” – Matt Roseveare

The short-eared owl is a regular winter visitor to Hampshire, but in variable numbers. They breed in open, rough country in northern England, Wales and Scotland but in the winter they usually head south. Unlike some other owl species, these charismatic birds are active during the daytime, delighting visitors and photographers with their sweeping flights and hunting prowess.

Matt’s photo does a wonderful job of capturing these magnificent birds of prey, which spend their winters here at Farlington Marshes. Unlike other owls they can often been seen during the day. To spot them, visit Farlington Marshes on a dry afternoon in the last hour or two before sunset, and you might see them swooping over the open fields or sat on top of an ant hill.” – Chris Lycett, Reserves Officer at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

You can see more of Matt’s photography on his website: www.mattrphotography.co.uk.

The Golden Hour Hunt by Matt Roseveare shows an owl with wings open flying low over the long grass

The Golden Hour Hunt © Matt Roseveare


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