Southsea Archery Club In The City

The Southsea Archery Club is a strong community of friendly local people who come together to socialise and shoot and are well known in the city.

Archery has become really popular over the past few years and having a club that facilities beginners as well as advanced Archers has only helped build the community and attract more and more new members.

The service is totally mobile and the team of instructors are always eager to go out to anybody who is interested, including local schools and colleges and can introduce the sport to anyone from the age of 6 and above.

The pro’s to getting involved in the up and coming sport ranges from a good team building opportunity to just getting out and about and enjoying something new and different that has been a time honoured sport for hundreds of years and now embraces our historically rich city.

Sonnie Emeney and Sam Swainbank run everything from taster sessions to advanced courses together and describe the club as a fun and enjoyable way to learn. Sam told us that “It is not something many people have tried before but they see it in things like ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘The Avengers’ and fancy a go. It is nothing like you see in films but it is great fun and is run by a team of people with a passion for the sport.”

The club meet at the beautiful setting of Southsea Castle as well as the Havelock Centre and Priory School which only add to it’s real community spirited feel.

Events happen all the way through the year and have included appearances at ‘The Southsea Show’ and the club will continue to take part in upcoming local events.

You can follow the club on Twitter or on Facebook and can contact them directly via their Website.






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