The Battle Of The Sexes

Feel Yourself Campaign aims to promote awareness in younger men and women about the importance of checking for breast and testicular cancer regularly. Both types of Cancer are on the increase  and catching them early is the key to successful treatment.

Feel Yourself was started by Maddie Wallace while she was being treated for breast cancer. With no family history and no previous health problems, Maddie never checked herself. One day she bumped into a friend who had just undergone chemotherapy and that friend reminded her how important it is to check yourself often. This is probably what saved her life.

Maddie has been a whirlwind of motivation for Portsmouth and a drive to encourage us all to monitor ourselves for signs of Cancer.

The Battle of the Sexes is an event that will be held on the 23rd April at Southsea Castle. Doors will be open from 7:30pm and tickets cost £5.

The charity fundraiser evening will aim to raise awareness about Cancer and help enable people to spot the signs of it early enough to act on it quickly.

Special guests including Marley Blandford and the Fugitive Orchestra will entertain event goer’s and help mark the night with some fantastic music.

To purchase tickets please visit the website and follow events on Facebook.

Battle of the sexes

Battle of the sexes

Battle of the sexes



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