Strong Island Sounds Podcast with Longlive Radio E...

Strong Island Sounds Podcast with Longlive Radio Episode 16

It is Friday lunchtime and Charlie is back with a new Strong Island Sounds podcast episode with Longlive Radio:

This week, in a Longlive Radio first, I’m joined by a guest. Sam Richards is a founding member of The Southsea Alternative Choir, an ex-member of a band I was once in and most importantly a single minded music fan. This is a glimpse into many an evening Sam and I have enjoyed together over the years, putting the world to rights about bands and arguing over which Beatles albums make up the top 5.

It’s not the usual slick, snappy, flab-free show you’ve all come to expect from me…..ahem. So if you can face more chat than tunes and the sound of two old comrades being indulgent about the songs they love, then dive in. My most sincere thanks to Sam for his time and effort, it was loads of fun to do, and I’m almost positive it’s not the last time either.


NOTE: There is a little swearing near the end, just so you know.

01) Race For The Prize – The Flaming Lips
02) Love Street – The Doors
03) Come On Easies – Orange Can
04) I Can’t Stand The Rain – Ann Peebles
05) Instant Repeater ’99 – The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
06) Say Hello To The Angels – Interpol
07) Bold As Love – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
08) Now It’s On – Grandaddy
09) L.A. – Elliott Smith
10) Peace Like A River – Paul Simon
11) Jenny From The Block – Bill Patton
12) Mouse Trap – Ride
13) Dawn Can’t Decide – The Lemonheads
14) Tell Me Why – The Beatles
15) Cornish Town – Shack
16) I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times – The Beach Boys
17) The Sounds Of Our Time – Jim Ford

Strong Island Sounds Podcast with Longlive Radio Episode 16


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