Bread Addiction, A New Artisan Bakery for Portsmou...

Bread Addiction, A New Artisan Bakery for Portsmouth

In the last 4 years or so there has been a sharp increase in people rediscovering the joys of baking, with the success of The Great British Bakeoff being the most obvious example and inspiration…but behind the cupcakes and soggy bottoms there have been a small but growing group of passionate individuals dedicated to the ancient art of creating bread. Small bakeries have been cropping up across the UK in recent years, run by passionate amateur and professional bakers working from anything from their own small kitchen oven to pizza restaurant kitchens in the middle of the night and through to the actual return of bakeries to the high street.

Bread Addiction is one such artisan bakery & patisserie that is striving to open a new bakery and shop in Elm Grove in the heart of Southsea. Bread Addiction will sell fresh, organic, handmade food where as much as possible will be produced with local produce, carefully selected for quality. Nikola Ondroušková and her partner are passionate bakers and wish to bring the delights of sourdough bread to Portsmouth and are looking to start their business in a innovative new way, by selling their first future batches of bread by crowdfunding to pay for the major & most expensive pieces of equipment required.

If you are interested in supporting this new, local venture you can donate and receive a variety of different benefits, anything from a coffee through to bread for a year. Check the Bread Addiction page on Indiegogo for the full list of donation benefits and to also make your donation to the project:


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  1. Rebecca

    23 April

    Excellent news!

  2. Helga

    24 April

    Let’s get on with it. I have been waiting for some decent bread for a few more years than five. I waited for 26 years so far … Please convince me that it will work, p l e a s e ! Helga

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