Created Local – Los Dave ‘Standing Cro...

Created Local – Los Dave ‘Standing Crow’

I first discovered Los Dave’s work when I attended the In Rust We Trust Exhibition at the old Room 237. I loved these small mesh birds that were on display, it was only when I got chatting to Dave I found out the story behind how he created them. In his own words…

I started making birds in 2011 as a way of creating something different for Free Art Friday. I have this thing about ree Art Friday, that I like to go out, find something in the environment, driftwood, wire, string (recently, a fridge!), turn it into art in situ and leave it where I found it. There were loads of these wire meshes from disposable barbeque grills, so I collected a few and went and sat at Coffee Cup at Eastney; just started bending it to see what would come out of it. And that was the first bird. I have a rule of absolutely no cutting which was inspired by the art of origami. It’s taken a while, but you can see the forms evolving over time.

The crow comes from my very good friend Nicola, who loves the Corvids as species. I made the first standing one for her a couple of Christmases ago. That one’s more Chough than crow though. But the development of the legs (finding the right material and method for making them), has been a great leap forward.

They’ve proved so popular that it got to a point where I was going out late at night in the summer collecting still hot grills from the common. They are pretty gross, they all have to be washed and they are as sharp! Feeding the foxes by hand was a bonus.

Coming soon you will be able to get your hands on ‘Standing Crow’. His latest pieces are made from recycled disposable bbq grill mesh and legs from old bicycle spokes. Find out more at www.losdave.bigcartel.com.

You can keep up to date with Dave and his art via his Twitter @Scuzzylogic and Flickr pages.

Los Dave

You can see how the birds have evolved over time.

Los Dave

Los Dave

Los Dave
Photos by Los Dave


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