CrossFit Portsea Island – New Years Resoluti...

CrossFit Portsea Island – New Years Resolution?

We were recently approached by Claire Hamer asking if we would be interested in featuring CrossFit Portsea Island on Strong Island. I had no idea what CrossFit was or what it involved so I took up the invitation to see their facilities and take part in a taster session.

CrossFit Portsea Island is located at 235-237 Commercial Road, Portsmouth, some of you may know it as the site of the old One Legged Jockey vintage shop.

I’ve been a member of various gyms over the years but CrossFit is different to traditional gyms which will be packed with running machines, cross trainers and weight machines. Inside CrossFit Portsea Island you’ll find a 165 square metre gymnasium with state of the art specialist equipment – numerous barbells, bumpers, rigging, racks & ropes as a start. A strong supportive community of members with in built teamwork, camaraderie & competition is also present as well as qualified experienced trainers.

CrossFit workouts are strength and conditioning programs designed to train all abilities and levels, from the most elite athlete to any beginner. CrossFit defines itself as ‘constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity’. Each day the ‘WOD’ (workout of the day) will test a different part of your functional strength or conditioning, not specializing in one particular thing, but rather having the goal of building a body that’s capable of practically anything and everything. From olympic weight lifting to gymnastic movements an ‘athlete’/member will be diversely challenged on every visit.

I expected to walk into a gym full of Royal Marines types who would put me to shame but this wash’t the case, members include a real cross section of abilities.

Trainer Carl devised a session for me to take part in which consisted of thrusters (barbell front squats into a push press) and burpees. The goal was simply to complete three sets, there was no target for how long it should to complete the set, however it is timed so you can monitor improvements. Trainers Claire and Carl also joined in as did another member who had just arrived. The first set was relatively straight forward, I didn’t struggle too much. The second started off easy enough but a quarter of the way through it hit me. I needed to take a few short breaks to compose myself I completed it. It was hard work but it felt really good once I’d finished and got my breath back.

After my taster session I ached for about three days but strangely I really enjoyed it as I felt like I had actually achieved something.

Upstairs you’ll find The Box Dance & Fitness Studio which is used for a range of open dance fitness classes for children & adults alike. This is a hireable space for anyone wanting to hold regular bookings, one off workshops, parties, rehearsals, auditions or events. There is also sports massage and changing facilities within the venue.

For anyone who is looking for a change in their typical new years resolution then I recommend that you get in contact with the team as your first session will be free. The team will give you a first hand insight into what CrossFit really is. You can find out contact details on their website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

CrossFit Portsea Island
After my work out
CrossFit Portsea Island

CrossFit Portsea Island

CrossFit Portsea Island

CrossFit Portsea Island

Photos taken from CrossFit Portsea Island Facebook page.

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