The Strong Island Almanac Presents: Lightburn Came...

The Strong Island Almanac Presents: Lightburn Camera

Kirill Sharikov is a free lance photographer and camera restorer who lives in Southsea, we recently met up to talk about his passion for restoration which also includes bikes. Kirill is the proud owner of Lightburn Camera which sells beautifully restored cameras and you can find his  own photographic work at Lightburn Photo. I strongly recommend you check out both of these, the work on the photo page is glorious!

How long have you been running Lightburn?

I only started back in May this year when I worked on my first camera, it took some research and Youtubing. I wasn’t happy with the first couple of results and ended up ripping off the leather. I bought a large bag of leather off cuts and ended up making all sorts of things with it. I bought an Olympus trip 35 for myself its a really popular camera at the moment and I re-skinned that, they are quite simple to re-skin.

Have you always had a passion for making, restoration and general tinkering?

As a child my main toy was lego and before that I had a Soviet version of Lego, lots of screws and components. Then I went to college to train to be a mechanic and then I switched to building. It teaches you to look at things, improvise and find solutions. I learnt how to weld and paint and I use that when I work on bikes.

What or who inspires you?

At the moment I really like what Fuji are doing style wise with their camera and the Olympus OM-D movement a digital series based on the old style ones. I would be able to re-skin these in the future too which would be great.

Plans for the future?

I’m planning to put tutorials and things on the Facebook page to encourage others to have a go. Obviously I will be renovating more bikes and building on my restoration skills.

You can find Lightburn Cameras Ebay store here and Lightburn on Etsy. Prices start from around an affordable £30.00

Also check out the tutorial on re-skinning a vintage camera.










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