White Peugeot Fixed Gear Bike Stolen Last Night

White Peugeot Fixed Gear Bike Stolen Last Night

Despite the recent good news about lots of bikes being discovered by the Police the cycle thieves are still out and about and sad to say last night a white, 1985 Peugeot fixed gear was stolen at the ferry port around 10pm. If you see it out and about please call the police.

White Peugeot Fixed Gear Bike Stolen Last Night


  1. Tombone

    29 August

    10pm lastnight? Because i saw this yesterday, definately the same bike (we took clear note of the foot retention).

  2. Alex

    29 August

    Hi Tombone, Where abouts did you see it yesterday? Locked it up outside the exit of the Wightlink ferry terminal yesterday morning. Then was back later than expected, around 10.30. CCTV footage from the terminal showed it being stolen at 10.19pm. Cheers all

  3. Alex Anderson

    7 September

    Looking at the lock if that’s what was on it, then no wonder it got stolen. It was either cut through or the bike just pulled really hard away from what it was locked to.

    Try a certain bike shop at the top end of Commercial Rd and Gumtree seems to be quite popular. It’s certain that bikes are also going up to London, the Met Police have a Cycle Task Force and target bike dealers at a Sunday bike market.

    Always write down your frame number and as he did take pictures of it. My bike never leaves my sight, I’d never leave a bike anywhere in Portsmouth unless it was locked up like Fort Knox. When I saw that really nice road bike in the previous post I was upset for the owner as its a nice looking bike.

    Happy Hunting

  4. mustakim sajib

    28 June

    I think the lock was not perfect enough and it seems pretty old. But feeling sad for the owner. Happy hunt bro!

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