Seahorse Trust Exhibition

Le Cafe Parisian will be hosting an exhibition to raise funds for the Seahorse Trust on Thursday 15th August from 7pm. Many talented artists are involved including Angela Chick and Rocky the Zombie. All pieces are one off commissions for the exhibition and it will be a great opportunity to purchase some original artwork and support the fantastic research and conversation work the trust do.



  1. coathanger

    9 August

    Before you donate your money to The Sea Horse Trust please check the accounts of this so called charity at the Charities Commmission Website , you’ll see that the Administrator skimmed off 82% of total annual income for his fees (salary) Its up to you if you want to fund his salary, little kiddies have saved up their birthday money to do the same too.

  2. censored

    15 August

    i posted a reply to this comment yesterday asking for the previous poster to provide any kind of proof of their claim, but my post seems to have been removed.
    Can someone explain why this has happened?
    I don’t think its unreasonable to ask someone to provide a shred of evidence for such a blatant attempt to discredit an event that people have put a lot of work into.

  3. Mr Cheese

    15 August

    It says administrators fees on the accounts. How do you know what that means? It could be anything.
    In Sea Shepherds accounts for 2012 it says they spent £26.015 on the extremely vague ‘consultancy fees’. Are you going to claim that they are skimming off money as well, because there isn’t a full breakdown of costs and you don’t know what it means?
    People have put a lot of hard work into this exhibition. Why are you trying to discredit it on no evidence?

  4. Anonymous Artist

    15 August

    You can probably guess by the name, I’m one of the artists who’s created a piece for this charity exhibition.
    I put a lot of time and effort into creating my donation piece, as well as paying for materials, printing and framing myself.
    I hope comments like this from coathanger do not put people off coming to this event, donating and enjoying the artwork on display – people have worked hard.

  5. Paul Gonella

    16 August

    Apologies to comments getting lost, our spam filter is acting up and has deleted some. Sorry if they went missing. We generally don’t censor comments unless for obvious reasons.

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