Sebastinella Dunne – Litter Project

Sebastinella Dunne – Litter Project

I found Sebastinella’s work on Instagram and was instantly intrigued by what I saw! Sebastinella is a 3rd year student at South Downs College studying her Foundation Degree in Art & Design. Students can pick their own subject for their end of year project and Sebastinella decided upon ‘litter’ as her focus.

“I chose ‘litter’ as a topic, and considered such routes as campaigns and billboards but it was all pretty typical so I’ve branched into Guerilla art with the idea of making litter beautiful. Cans and crisps became my focus, and now i’ve expanded the idea even further and hope over the next few weeks to develop the crisp idea, advertising Britain on crisp packets as a type of spoof because Britain consume more crisps than Europe put together.”

Taking a very hands on approach to her subject art Sebastinella has created wonderful beauty in the very objects we dispose off without a second thought. The casual application of acrylic to the crumpled packets offers a real charm that makes it hard not to smile at, and the site specific illustrations work exceptionally well with the packet choices.

“I quite like the ‘not so perfect’ style and I’m tempted to actually do a few on location for my final exhibition rather than just working from photos the whole time. They’re simply acrylic paint on crisp packs, nothing else.”

Sebastinella will be off to Bournemouth University to study Graphics in September and Strong Island wish her the best of luck. Have a great 3 years. You can also follow Sebastinella over at her blog HERE.

  1. mydogsighs

    2 May

    how can we find her in instagram? i’d love to see more

  2. Sebastinella

    2 May


    thanks for this guys! 🙂

  3. Kate Smith

    2 May

    These are cool! Be great in frames and put out as free art!

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