New Mary Rose Museum Announces Opening Day

New Mary Rose Museum Announces Opening Day

The building of the new Mary Rose Museum is something we have been closely following on Strong Island right back to the design stage and with the completion of the major construction of the special building some months ago it was only a matter of time until the doors would be open to the public. The building has been built by local construction specialists Warings with a unique challenge of constructing the building not only around the medieval ship still undergoing preservation treatment but also over a medieval dock, a scheduled ancient monument.

In recent months the Mary Rose Museum team have been hard at work bringing the lions share of the artefacts out from storage to be placed on display, many of which for the first time and all in a bringing history life way. You’ll not only be able to see the artefacts but see how the crew of the ship lived on a day to day basis. The museum displays and the display of the ship are cutting edge, with a quite frankly amazing experience of traveling down through levels of the ship.

Tickets cost from £17 for the Museum and £26 for the entire Historic Dockyard including the Museum and go on sale from the 8th April 2013 at www.historicdockyard.co.uk or at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The museum is set to be a true jewel in the crown of the city and an internationally significant tourist attraction and historical resource. Can’t wait to visit it soon!

Watch the video HERE.

The Mary Rose Museum


  1. linda phillips

    6 May

    Hi, i have a limited edition tumbler,(mary rose) and i am trying to find out its value, can you help me with that,or can you put me in contact with someone who can.
    Thank you. Linda.

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