Welcome to the Darkslide Exhibition at Room 237

Welcome to the Darkslide Exhibition at Room 237

Rob Luckins’ photography exhibition Welcome to the Darkslide at Room 237 opened on Wednesday night to a really good response and turnout. Rob’s exhibition spreads across the three different rooms that form the Room 237 exhibition space with striking prints of creative people, be that writers, actors, photographers, etc. The prints vary from large format to polaroid to 35mm, yet each individually (and collectively) tries to draw out of the subject something more: a bond, a connection between the subject and the camera and photographer, as Rob himself says:

“I have always been fascinated with other creative people, why they draw, paint, sculpt the way they do, what has happened to them in their lives to shape the way they work, who has influenced them and how they interpret this in their work. When you photograph someone you can’t help but influence the way they come across in the photograph, this can be down to how you position the model in the frame, if you have told them to wear a certain item of clothing or made them react a certain way when the shutter is pressed. So the work is always a collaboration between you and the subject, you each contribute to it and take something away from the experience”.

Rob’s work is something very special in these days of instant, digital, throwaway photographic images, with the each individual frame thoughtfully shaped and constructed with care. The images also contain a narrative, sometimes short and sharp, sometimes as part of a collective and sometimes something out of grasp and in turn raising questions and provoking discussion.

The exhibition runs until the 14th August and is highly recommended. You can find out more about the exhibition and also see much more of Rob’s work at:


The Welcome to the Darkslide Exhibition Poster


  1. Paul Gonella

    3 August

    P.S. The Mike Leigh portrait was my personal favourite.

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