Fratton Film Project

The Story goes, James is young, shy and reserved, until one night. Whilst walking home alone through the streets of Portsmouth he suffers a terrible misfortune. From that moment on, he is compelled explore the violent world and life of another man, Shaun. Although James seeks to understand Shaun and his associates, he becomes increasingly aware that he is risking far more than his own safety.

Fratton Film Project have set up a website where you can find out more information about the project – www.indiegogo.com/frattonfilm

They are not looking to make any money off this film. The film itself is the reward, and the opportunity to have it film shown at The Edinburgh Film Festival next year would be an incredible achievement. They are working hard to raise a modest budget of £3000 by 24th July 2012. They have most of the necessary equipment and crew members, so the £3000 will help pay for:

– Casting Professional Actors.
– Rental of Additional Lenses, and lighting equipment
– Travel expenses for cast and crew
– Taking the film to Edinburgh Film Festival
– Marketing and promotion for festival.
– Post production.

You can follow the project with their regular updates on Facebook and Twitter. We will try and keep you updated on their progress here on Strong Island.


  1. Lee

    29 April

    Passionate about film yet want to claim travel expenses?!??

    There must be hundreds of actors out there who are just starting out and would work for free. Surely the incentive for them would be to appear in a film that made it to the Edinburgh Film Festival.

    I love it on Dragons Den when the dragons rip into those that dare ask for a loan for their salary!!! I couldn’t help flash back to that after reading this article.

    So your passionate about film but don’t want to risk other peoples money in pursuit for your dream. Ummmmmmm OK, I will donate 20p.

  2. Marina (Fratton Film Producer)

    30 April

    Thanks for the comment and feedback. About the travel expenses during production (might be up to 15 days of filming) the original crew is based in Portmsouth so we won’t be covering expenses for ourselves, and we have friends involve in the project but there are technical roles that we want to hire industry professionals to deliver top quality and we need to pay for their expenses if they agree to help us for free. Producing a festival quality feature film means that we need to work under a number of regulations, such as to insure everyone but also by law we need to either pay a minimuw wage or to sign contracts that we will cover expenses to entire cast, even for teh extras, otherwise we get into trouble. This is why we are looking for your support and we appreciate every single donation. Thansk again!!

  3. John

    1 May

    Wow! That video on the homepage of their funding page is not representative of a group of ‘talented, passionate’ filmmakers at all. The guy sounds completely bored by the very prospect of his own film. Surely there are more creative ways to introduce the project than that. Especially if they want people to give them money? Well, I guess other people have noticed the same thing considering they’ve raised such a small amount.

    If the 8 people involved in the project on their home page donated only 375 pounds each then they would meet their target. Surly if they were ‘passionate’ about what they were doing, then they could pull together 375 pounds each.

  4. Epic

    1 May

    Pretty negative comments guys. If I want that I’ll go over to the Evening Snooze and the nutters over there…

  5. Lee

    1 May

    No idea what the Evening Snooze is, enjoy yourself there.

    £375 investment from each member is not much money to lay down for something you are all apparently so passionate about. Sacrifice something, show some commitment and conviction. You can’t expect others to invest in you if your’e not prepared to invest in yourselves.

  6. Tim

    13 May


    It strikes me that you’ve clearly never made a film and more over have very little experience in it. To operate in professional capacity it would be wise to practice your art professionally. That means budgeting and scoping out a project beyond your personal means.

    It also strikes me that you’re very quick to put down and even trample a group of people that are clearly after your support. To be making such “astute assumptions” I’m sure you must doing something profoundly monumental with your time that gives you grounds to criticize them on.

    The world is full of people like you who say “why bother” but very few people who say “why not”…you are clearly the former.

    Don’t just shoot people down for the sake of it. Support and cultivate creativity.

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