Christina and Harriet’s Cycling Adventure

Christina and Harriet’s Cycling Adventure

Two cyclists from Portsmouth – Christina Gyles and Harriet Parke have taken to the road in South East Asia.

The cycling part to their adventure so far has taken them 625mi from Hanoi in Vietnam, to Vientiane in Laos. Covering the entire distance by bike in up to 36 degree heat. They have become accustomed to early starts and varied conditions, with some days being considerably flatter than others.
“If two young girls from Portsmouth (a flat seaside town) can cycle 625mi through mountainous terrain, with plenty of fight left in them, then so can you. Our inspirational blog details the trials and tribulations of acquiring bikes in China after two months of overland travel on the old Silk Road, explains the required bike spec for such a cycle tour, along with information on overland bike transportation in Asian destinations.
From the struggles and rewards of training ‘on the road’ for novice cycle tourer Harriet Parke, to her partner battling the wind up front (CTC member and Bristol South cyclist) Christina Gyles. The blog tells a story of touring Vietnam, Laos and Thailand and the amazing cycling all three countries have to offer.”

Their blog posts can be found on the main Little Travelling Feat home page, their photos on the traveller photos page and further cycling info and route notes on the South East Asia Cycle Tour page.

Strong Island wishes them every success in their cycling journey.


  1. Charie

    16 April

    Top girls.

  2. sophie

    17 April

    So proud, love you xx

  3. Carrie

    17 April

    Girl Power, Go!

  4. Rob Lutter

    17 June

    hey great journey, am on my way to some of the places you girls have been too – inspiring thank u 🙂

  5. Hattie Parke

    18 June

    Thank you, hope you have a great time. It is indeed a great part of the world. Are you Rob of http://www.thelifecycle.net/ ?

  6. Hattie Parke

    18 June

    Ah yes, it is you. Great photos Rob, and a fantastic journey. We’re back home now, and jealous of your continued adventure! Enjoy.

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