Tricorn Sign Auction

Celia Clark, author of the Tricorn book recently contacted Strong Island to inform us about a local man who has acquired three Tricorn Shopping Centre signs. One is being donating to Portsmouth Museum, who have agreed to have a Tricorn exhibition in 2014- ten years after demolition. He is keeping one – which is broken, and he will be selling one at auction at local firm Nesbits of Clarendon Road Southsea on December 7.

They are 14 foot by 4, dated 1966 and will hopefully be sold between £150-£250. The owner of the sign being auctioned would really like it to go to someone who would really appreciate it so make sure to be at the auction on 7th Dec.

Pic below from Adrian Ace.

Tricorn Shopping Centre, Portsmouth (2002)


  1. Gareth C

    16 November

    That book is top draw.

  2. Woodsa

    16 November

    Sweet, I’ll look out for that book. I did a few photo projects up there and it was a great site for skating round. Me and a mate managed to break into the flats that where boarded up on the lower section once, just to have a nosey. Oh and we broke into stair way to heaven when it shut down too. Hang on, a pattern’s emerging?! I’m a good man, honest!!

  3. claire sambrook

    16 November

    Yes book is great and the exhibition is going to be great. More info on this soon. Looking for art, pics, stories, films etc

  4. Lou

    16 November

    Spent many a misspent lunchtime in the Tricorn Skating and smoking, happy days.

  5. Russell

    16 November

    Looking forward to it all. Spent many a day back in the late eighties early nighties going to the pet shop and drinking tea in the cafe. Then many a day as a student photographing abandoned shopping trollies around the site when it was vacant… Oh happy days 😉

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