The Infamous Harry Pounds Scrapyard Submarines

The Infamous Harry Pounds Scrapyard Submarines

Many of you will remember the once iconic Submarines at the Harry Pounds Scrapyard on the way in to Portsmouth. We even featured a few photos by Robin Hinson back in 2010.

Although I never got to explore the sub aquatic giants myself I was lucky enough to find this little gem a few weeks ago. Although I can’t remember where, so sorry if I nabbed it and forgot to mention you.

Watch the video for a unique view of these “Uk, Admiralty Standard Range Diesels 16 Cylinder V mechanical supercharged monsters!”

  1. Ric

    9 November

    Wow, I’ve been looking for more about these subs for ages! They’ve inspired much of my work. Thanks for posting.

  2. Paul Gonella

    9 November

    The architect of the new swimming pool said they inspired him with the design, if I remember right.

    I’m sure I was told recently that he also wanted to cut a slice out of one of them and use it as a piece of art in a building courtyard but it was too cost prohibitive.

    Finally, I once wrote a (bad) short story about the subs, it was a love letter from one to the other. Sadly (or probably for the best) I don’t think I have it anymore.

  3. Paul Barnett

    8 June

    I always found the site most facinating and more latterly wondered what became of them. Thank you for posting

  4. Andy

    4 October

    I went on these submarines to look at the periscope in situ before one of them was purchased. It now lives in a tower, you can sit in the basement in the chair and look out over the town.

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