Strong Island Bike Rides – Reminiscing

Strong Island Bike Rides – Reminiscing

Ahhhhhhh, remember the good old days. From it’s humble beginnings in 2008 to over 250 happy cyclists last year, the Bi-Annual Strong Island Bank Holiday Bike Rides had become a definite diary entry for those in the know. Shame it all had to come to an end. Public liability and all that. Oh well. I still do the route for fun and will do again on the 18th September. Who knows………Here’s a little look back at the last 2 years since the bike rides started.

Strong Island Summer Bike Ride from Tristan on Vimeo.

Strong Island Roundabout from Tristan on Vimeo.

Bank Holiday Bike Road from James Sharp on Vimeo.


  1. pedal pusher

    11 April

    you said:
    > Public liability and all that
    what does that mean?

  2. Tristan Savage

    11 April

    Being advertised as an event meant that I was held liable to a certain extent. There was no backing or agreement with the Council or Police. Council require up to £5000 liability fees for such things. They never approached me, but the Police got involved and request that I run it past them and the councils correct procedures. This would have undoubtedly lead to more hassle than required to just have some fun. 250 people turning up for drinks at a pub then going on a ride got the attention of the Police and 6 officers and cars/bikes came down. I explained the situation and they we’re okay with it as long as we had the Police escort. He had a great time, but also voiced concerns about it’s future without the right kind of go ahead.

  3. Budgie

    15 April

    Does this mean no more rides?

  4. Tristan Savage

    18 April

    I’ll be going for a ride Budgie, and I’m pretty sure some of my friends will be popping along this easter Sunday too. Come join in….

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