I will get a great deal of satisfaction walking in...

I will get a great deal of satisfaction walking in ‘their’ cycle lane…they get so annoyed!!

Some classic comments on portsmouth.co.uk regarding the new cycle lane on the seafront. I’ll say no more, just have a read of the article and check out the comments after.

“Most of these multi-coloured velcro clad skeletons have no respect for the highway code let alone any other person on the road or pavement.”


Photo – Eyesore9

  1. Paul

    5 November

    So depressing.

    I was thinking after looking at that photo and seeing the empty prom at Eastney, maybe cycling on the prom should be allowed out of season, like walking dogs on the beach.

  2. claire sambrook

    5 November

    this was a perfect opportunity to change the city and make our name worldwide as a cycling city that respects and promotes cycling……
    oh well it’s a start BUT not what the majority wanted.

  3. Tracey

    8 November

    “I no longer recycle anything, drive a 3.5ltr 4×4, fly at least once a month and actively refuse to give way to cyclists” – I can’t believe people are actually like that, I’m actually really shocked by it. ūüôĀ

  4. Tristan

    8 November

    Total asshole.

  5. stephan

    9 November

    It’s a bit frightening seeing views like that, it makes you wary about cycling around town. I know that sort of Clarksonesque thinking is very fashionable with Daily Mail types who have this siege mentality where everything is out to get them. My feeling is that this is only going to get worse after the next election, for instance there’s a manifesto pledge to freeze the introduction of any new speed cameras, despite ROSPA saying that they cut deaths by 40% at accident black spots. It’s a shame PCC can’t show more of lead, making it easier for cyclists, cutting down traffic, making sure all road users are safe.

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