Samo’s Project Celebrating Trans Bodies

Samo’s Project Celebrating Trans Bodies

As Pride season commences we find ourselves unable to attend this year’s protests and celebrations. However the work for visibility and equality must continue. Artist, Samo, intends to deliver a unique, world-class, global art project in celebration of trans bodies and experiences, making visible the often vilified or misunderstood.

His work is about changing the narrative when it comes the way we look at the human body. It’s time for us not only to ‘normalise’ but to admire the beauty of trans bodies as we have with cis nude bodies throughout the history of art. “There is such a lack of trans visibility or representation in the art world, so I wanted to take up space and use my platform as an artist to promote visibility and inclusivity through my work”.

Samo wants to be a positive role model especially for trans youth with the hope that they might, one day, be able to grow up in a world where they feel confident enough to express themselves and be who they truly are.

Samo is producing a body of work that will eventually become a coffee table art book which includes portraits, stories, quotes about his own journey as well as some of his street art, where he shares statements of love and solidarity for the trans community. A powerful resource for those who have struggled with dysphoria and those exploring their own identities. “Our individuality is what makes us so unique and we all have a story to tell”

Samo is a trans rights activist and professional artist. As a key figure in the street art and paint jam scene, in 2019 he was a sponsored artist at World Pride in New York.

He has publicly documented his experience of transition through social media and various media campaigns including the HSBC world pride campaign and the VICE ‘Recognise Me’ campaign. He founded the Portsmouth Safe Space movement to drive trans awareness, education and a united community. Samo runs a ta”oo studio & gallery ‘Play Dead’, in Portsmouth, which recently closed its doors in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To support this mission and legacy, Samo is seeking funding for the project to pay the upfront costs. You can support it using Crowdfunder to commission the project and help create a wide global reach for a release date early in 2021.


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