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Could you be the newest person to join the Hotwalls Studios Team?
The Hotwalls team are looking for an Events and Operations Officer for the Hotwalls Studios, to work alongside our Development Manager in developing a wide and varied cultural events programme for the Hotwalls Studios and gain regional and national recognition as a creative visitor destination.

What is the role?
The right person for this role will provide a great welcome for visitors and have sufficient knowledge of the Hotwalls Studios and Portsmouth’s cultural offer.

The Event and Operations Officer will also be assisting the Development Manager in the day to day running of the Hotwalls Studios site, a Scheduled Ancient Monument on Portsmouth’s seafront. The marketing and promotion of the events programme and studios through our website and social media platforms will be an important part of the role. We will require weekend and evening working as part of delivering the events programme.

Work with talented individuals in an amazing space…
The Hotwalls Studios is a unique location that requires working with the creative businesses, local residents, the on-site eatery, other studios and galleries across the region as well as the elected members to deliver a high-quality cultural addition to the city.

We work with the artists to give them the usable space and support to start and build their business and to be able to work as a professional artist/designer-maker.

If you are interested in working to develop events promoting creative industries then they would love to hear from you. The closing date for applications is June 30th. Please click here for more information.


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